About Digital FArm Service

Digital Farm Service is a platform that allows farmers to ask any question concerning their agricultural practices to an agricultural officer. This is done by sending an SMS after which the farmer gets an instant response. The farmer can take a photo, a video and can also record an audio and send it to their agricultural officers who will give an immediate response to the farmer.

How it Works


Interested clients such as counties, farming saccos and institutions or any practitioner directly or indirectly dealing with farmers has to be registered with us for account creation and activation. Once you are registered, the account admin registers the agricultural officer who will be answering the questions.

Farmer List

Once an account is activated, a farmers' contact list is uploaded and saved into the account. The questions asked by any of these farmers will be available on the agricultural officers' page and the officer can attend to them at any time.


Registered farmers can ask their questions by sending an SMS to the short code 20414, starting with the word FARMER for free. Once a farmer sends a message, all the registered officers under that account get a notification of the question for an immediate response from one of the officers.

Our Skills

Translating client problems into mobile web based solutions
Exploring and translating farmer problems into working solutions
Product Development
Strategy and business modelling

Member Area

New farmer registration, existing account login

Farmer Registration Admin Login Extension Officer Authorised Vendor

Clients Reviews

Digital Farm Serive, Digitizing farming in Kenya and Abroad.

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Digital Farm Service, Digitizing Farming in Kenya and abroad.


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